We’ve had a taste of the warmer weather over the last couple of days and with summer around the corner you might be thinking of looking for an outdoors job! So what sort of jobs are out there that will allow you to work in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors?

Sport and Leisure

While some of us dream of becoming an Olympian the reality is that very few people make it to the highest level within sport.

However that doesn’t mean that you can’t still work in the industry you love and there are a great range of jobs within sports and leisure. Everything from coaching, leisure management and journalism, to sports science, sports nutrition and ground-keeping.

Landscape Architect

You’ll need to be a natural communicator who can work with people at all levels. Landscape Architects design and plan areas and landscapes within communities and combine design with the environment, art with science.

It’s not just urban areas but also many rural projects landscape architects work on to ensure people and nature work together!


It’s not just flowers and gardens that horticulturists work in. Commercial horticulturists are involved in the growing of food crops and plants.

Commercial growers provide produce to nurseries, supermarkets and even DIY stores.

The work is increasingly complex, requiring managerial and business skills as well as the scientific understanding and the traditional skills of cultivation.


If you have a love of history and enjoy research and investigate archaeology could be a career to look at. Working outside at “digs” you’ll be working hands on as well as analysing your finds back at a laboratory. As well as searching for historical artefacts archaeologists are using check planning applications and the impact of developments and new buildings.

Other industries and sectors that have jobs that mean you are “out and about”:

Police and other Emergency Services

Youth and Community Work

Environmental Health Officer

Oil, Energy and Utilities