Many of us dream about the perfect job and the difference it could make to how we feel about work.  Dream Jobs are out there but how do you find them?

Think About Your Current Job

First things first – why don’t you like your current job?

Stress, exhaustion, low confidence and not dealing with pressure are all signs that you are not playing to your natural strengths.

Think about situations where you feel relaxed and confident – sailing, working in your garden, throwing pottery! Usually you do these things because you are good at them and enjoy the feeling you get whilst doing them.

Of course, doing one of these as a career isn’t always easy but think about the skills you are using when you do the activities you love.  What makes you really concentrate and focus? What really “absorbs” you is a big clue to what sort of tasks your brain likes!

When we are young we are filled with hopes and dreams that aren’t clouded by the “grown up” world of mortgages and bills. So take yourself completely out of your current situation, away from stress, forget about money implications and commitments, and ask yourself “If I could do anything at all, something I’d be really good at and enjoy every minute of doing – what would it be?”

What are you really passionate about?

What impact do you want to have on the world?

It may be hard to think about risking your financial stability and your future long-term prospects but if your job is really something you consider to be your top priority there’s no other way to try and find the happiness and fulfilment you need.

There could be many things that you are passionate about but start with one, there could come a time later in life where you can pursue another.  It’s daunting taking the leap and pursuing something that potentially may not last for ever but worst-case scenario think about the things you will have done, the knowledge you would have gained, the people you will have met and the knowing that you gave it your best shot!

Chances are however that doing something you love will mean you are successful at it because you have all the natural skills to make it work. You’ll be going home at the end of the day feeling happy, contented and with a sense of achievement and fulfilment.  Giving your all to something you love and making a difference will mean you getting a whole load of great stuff back.