Creating a Job Advert

The more thought you put into writing your job advert, the better the chance of you attracting the person you are looking for.

It’s really important to make sure potential candidates who read your job advert get an idea of the ethos and type of company they could be working for. People spend a lot of time at work and so where they work and who they work for is usually the most important things to them.

Your advert needs to tell the candidate about you and your business, the type of people you are and how you work as well as giving the relevant job details. You want to let the applicant know that’s it’s a great place to work!

Think of a great opening line that describes your company, keep it brief but make sure it tells the reader who you are and what you do. Tell your company story! Need more help? This article has more information on creating the perfect job advert.

Recruitment Process

It’s essential to have a robust recruitment process in place to ensure you find the right candidate.

A good job description and person specification is vital and you may feel an application form could be useful to help you select the candidates you wish to interview.

Think about any any tests or assessments that could help ensure you find people with the right skill level.

You must run each interview in the same way and using the job description and person spec to objectively “score” each candidate against the same criteria will ensure you choose the best candidate and avoid discrimination.



Contracts of Employment

Once you decide to make an offer of employment it’s important to provide contracts and staff handbooks to your new employee and have a structured induction process in place.

Recruiting a new member of your team is just the beginning and nurturing the positive attitude of a new recruit by way of a good induction process is so important. The majority of employee turnover is from newly appointed staff so getting the induction right will mean they successfully work through learning and get used to their new work environment without problems.

If you need help with your HR documents we can help with that too!


Need More Help?

You can find more advice on the ACAS website or speak to Keith Hanson for a free no obligation HR Healthcheck