Have I Hired The Wrong Person?

After running a recruitment campaign, having reviewed multiple CVs and effectively interviewed your shortlist you hope that the candidate you offer the job to will fit perfectly into your team and make a difference in their role. Initial indications look good and productivity is high but as the months go on things change. They don’t seem as happy in their work, results are declining and you start questioning whether they are the right person for the job after all.

When you find yourself in this situation you might be tempted to end their employment, but it’s worth considering if you really did find the prefect match when you recruited them.  There any many reasons why employees start under performing; the role could be really pressurised and be affecting their wellbeing, the work might just not be inspiring them or matching up to what they hoped it would be. They could just have other things happening in their lives that are affecting their work.  However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the skills needed for the role.

Employees usually fall into two categories. Those who love a challenge and are happy to take on extra responsibility and are keen to progress and develop, then there are those who are quite content to stay in their roles, become ultra skilled and experienced – an expert at what they do.

What Skills Does My Business Need?

You need both of these types of people in your business. People that don’t need the opportunity the move from their current role but are dedicated to their work and become your experts – the people everyone turns to for advice and who can train other members of the team on the right process and procedures.

The people who might grow restless need opportunities to grow their knowledge and take on more, these are the people who will move your business forward. The secret here is to have regular conversations about how you can keep them challenged and plan futures performance goals with them.

So it’s important to ask the right questions at job interviews to make sure you understand what type of worker a candidate really is.

Knowing your employees will help you to understand what each of them needs, maintain happiness in the workplace and ultimately contribute to business success.