A good interviewer will ask you questions that allow you to demonstrate your skills and experience.

Types of Interview Questions

Most interview questions will be competency based or behaviour questions and will ask you to give examples of situations where you have used specific skills. The secret is to prepare answers in advance. Looking at the job description and job advert, think of examples of situations where you have used the skills they have said they are looking for.

You will probably also be asked what are known as classic or common interview questions so it’s a good idea to have answers prepared to questions about your strengths and weaknesses and your reasons for leaving your current position. Most interviewers will ask you what you know about the company so researching their website beforehand is crucial. It’s also a good idea to have a look at their social media to see if there’s anything particular going on that you could bring into the conversation.

Curveball questions are used to make you think on your feet and used a lot in group interview situations. If you get asked this sort of question at interview think about why they are asking you it. They are interested in your reasoning rather than your actual answer so if they want to know what sort of animal would you be and why – make sure your reasoning still demonstrates your skills for the role as well as tells them what sort of person you are.

Don’t Rush It.

Take your time. Its ok to pause and think before you answer or ask the interviewer to clarify what they mean if you are unsure. You are bound to be nervous so taking a breath and thinking about the answers you have prepared will make sure you answer the questions they throw at you to the best of your ability.