The more thought you put into writing your job advert, the better the chance of you attracting the person you are looking for.

It’s really important to make sure potential candidates who read your job advert get an idea of the ethos and type of company they could be working for. People spend a lot of time at work and so where they work and who they work for is usually the most important things to them so your advert needs to be candidate centric.

Your advert needs to tell the candidate about you and your business, the type of people you are and how you work as well as giving the relevant job details. You want to let the applicant know that’s it’s a great place to work!

Think of a great opening line that describes your company, keep it brief but make sure it tells the reader who you are and what you do. Tell your company story!

Use the right Job Title

Keep it simple and don’t use words or phrases that are specific to your company. Using the right job title is also essential, it’s not a good idea to make a job sound more exciting that it is by jazzing up the job title. If you are using job boards to advertise the vacancy, it may be a good idea to change the job title to ensure the search algorithms work correctly and so once posted, your job is seen by as many people as possible.

We’d always recommend including details of salary and benefits – all potential candidates will want to know their potential earnings. There is nothing more frustrating than inviting a candidate for interview, deciding they are the perfect fit for the job and then not being able to recruit them because that want a much higher salary than you can offer.

Include Challenges

You can of course include the essential skills and knowledge you need to make sure you filter out candidates who don’t fit the job profile but also tell potential new employees about the challenges and projects they could be working on.  This should be easy if you have created a well-structured job description and person specification as part of your recruitment process. This will attract candidates with ambition and drive as for some, it’s not just about salary.

Always include a way of potential applicants being able to contact you directly as well as a strong call to action. Be specific about what you need for them when they apply. For example – send your CV and a cover letter to” or “have some questions before you apply? Then please get in touch”. This all helps to make sure you get applications and the information you need from the right candidates.