How Do I Complete An Online Application Form?

We’ve talked about how we use a CV to introduce you to our clients when supporting them with recruiting into a vacancy for them. For us, this is still the method businesses like to get the information they need to decide if they would like to see you for interview.

If you are applying directly for a job on line, often you will need to complete an application rather than send across your CV so here are our top tips.

·         Before you start making your online application it’s still important to do your research. Check out the company website so you get an idea of what the business does, what the workplace is like and the company ethos.

·         If you need to fill a white space with information, open a separate document on your PC where you can write your answer. Read and change it as needed, then copy and paste the information into the online application from. Save this document as come your next application you can use it to again adapt and change your answer rather than having to start from scratch again.

·         With space limited don’t just use the same information that’s on your CV. Under your employment dates pick out the key examples of the skills and achievements that are relevant to the job.

·         As with your hard copy CV, when filling out the hobbies section on the application form think about the skills the job advert says the company is looking for and try and relate your hobbies to those skills. Even a hobby you consider as a bit ordinary can show your skills, for example, if you say you are a member of a book club rather than using reading, you’ll show the potential employer that you work well in group situations.

·         It’s hard to let your personality shine through so use and additional information boxes to tell the potential employer who you are and what you can offer – in a clear and concise way.