Increases To Pension Contributions

If you are temping for us and if you are eligible, you will have been automatically enrolled into a pension scheme. Automatic enrolment means that as an employer we need to put certain workers into a pension scheme and pay contributions into it. You are currently enrolled into the NOW Pensions scheme and you will see the contributions you make each week shown on your payslip.

Pension contributions have been increasing in phases and we are now reaching the final planned increase that starts on April 6th 2019.

The increase in auto enrolment statutory minimum contributions are detailed below. These are based on qualifying earnings.

Auto Pension Contributions 2019

You may have already been advised of these changes by NOW Pensions but we wanted to ensure you were aware of the changes.

As your employer we are by law, unable to give you advice about your pension. You can contact the provider directly via their website and you will find more information on auto enrolment on the government website

Of course, Team PP are always happy to help and explain things in more detail so give us a call if you need any help.