Automatic enrolment means that as an employer we need to put certain workers into a pension scheme and pay contributions into it. Temporary workers who are eligible and work on assignment through Personnel Placements are currently enrolled into the NOW Pensions scheme and see the contributions they make each week shown on their payslips.
On 6th April the law changes around auto enrolment and contributions have been increased. They will increase again in 2019 and onwards as shown below.

Date effective Employer
Staff contribution Total Minimum contribution
Currently until
5 April 2018
1% 1% 2%
6 April 2018 to 5 April 2019 2% 3% 5%
6 April 2019
3% 5% 8%

As your employer we are by law, unable to give you advice about your pension. You can contact the provider directly via their website and you will find more information on auto enrolment on the government website