Our Permanent Recruitment Consultant Sophie shares her thoughts on why you should work on an exclusive basis with Recruitment Agencies.

Understanding You And Your Business

Working exclusively means using one recruiter for an agreed period of time for a specific vacancy or number of vacancies. It isn’t something that many clients agree to, most of the feedback I have had is that you feel more likely to get more candidates if you have many recruiters working on the vacancy for you. I have decided to write a blog to highlight the reasons why exclusivity is something that should be considered as a serious option.

Firstly, great recruitment is built on a relationship of understanding. Understanding the client’s needs and expectations, as well as the candidates wants and experience.

Value for Money

Secondly, do you really want numerous amounts of CVs? Working with numerous agencies might mean you get 20 CVs but this does mean you now must go through the selection/shortlisting process in house. If you were to use one recruiter they will likely have many applicants but shortlist for you, saving you time and providing value for money.

Having worked on both an exclusive and open recruitment process, I’ve found the service provided by some agencies can be diminished. There is no misconception, recruiters need to get placements to get paid and we will do our utmost to find the very best candidates. However, when multiple agencies are vying for the same talent in the same market for the same role it becomes “the first past the post” situation. You’ll likely get irrelevant, duplicate and unscreened candidates. Candidates haven’t been properly screened so they might not be fully committed to their job hunt and will disappear or start with you and leave, potentially resulting in another recruitment fee because they weren’t fully understood or didn’t fully understand the role.

The Best Recruitment Agencies Give You The Best Talent

The team at PP pride ourselves in our service, this often means missing out on vacancies, not because we don’t have the best candidates but because of timing. We source candidates (headhunt, search on our database, sift through job board applications), speak with them over the phone, ask them in for an initial face to face interview, discuss the role and company in-depth to ensure we are sending real, relevant talent.  Good candidates tend to ask the most and best questions, being able to answer these mean that both parties arrive knowing what to expect, saving time and avoiding any surprises or problems further down the line.

I could go on but we know you are busy people! You have better ways to spend your time and not wasting it is one of the reasons you engage a recruiter in the first place.

If you are still unsure if exclusivity is for you please call our office on 01722 334433.