You may be one of the many businesses that don’t use recruitment agencies to find new staff because you think it’s not cost effective and you decide to manage the process yourself. Whilst recruitment fees may seem like an unnecessary expense, in the long term, using a Recruitment Agency could save you money.

Time Is Money

Many companies track how long it takes them to recruit a new person to join their team but also ignore how much it costs them in terms of lost time and productively. Have you considered how much management time is used up during the recruitment process? Writing job adverts, advertising, reviewing CVs, screening, interviewing and making job offers; it soon ends up using precious time that you and/or your managers need to do their own jobs effectively. Also, almost 50% of candidates reject a job offer, so it is often the case that you repeat this process again to find the right candidate, and during that time you have no one doing the job that you need to fill – even more lost productivity.

Finding The Right People

You may choose to recruit in house but by using a Recruitment Agency you gain access to an extensive database, multiple job boards and in the case of Personnel Placements here in Salisbury our network of contacts and job seekers, many of whom aren’t currently looking for work. In fact, only 20% of candidates open to new opportunities are actively looking for a new job. We use social media to it’s best to talk to passive candidates and seek out talent who aren’t actually job searching.

A Recruitment Agency like Personnel Placements can also help you craft an effective job description and person specification as well as a targeted job advert that attracts the right candidates and works with the various job board algorithms out there that determine who gets to see it and where it has the most visibility.

Asking The Right Questions

We get to know our candidates so that we make sure they want to join your business for the right reasons and don’t become one of the 31% of employees who leave a job within the first 6 months of starting. We are expert and practised interviewers and we have many more conversations with candidates than the 1 or possibly 2 you will have during the whole recruitment process.  We’re constantly keeping up to date with them, getting valuable feedback and exploring their aspirations and future plans in details to make sure we not only find them the right job with the right career development but you an employee who wants to join your team for all the right reasons and will add value to your business.