There are many benefits in using a Recruitment Agency. The Internet has become a powerful advertising medium in recent times and so the job market has become so much more interactive.

An Agency uses a proactive approach, building and maintaining a database of good quality candidates, opening a wider net of relevant candidates to you and making it much easier to find the elite of candidates rather than relying on candidates actively searching job adverts,

Why build a business relationship with an Agency?

A good Recruitment Agency will seek to create a partnership with their clients to enable them to understands their business and be fully effective in sourcing candidates. They can then be more selective in the filtering of unsuitable applicants, freeing up your interview time to focus on only the most suitable of applicants. It also removes the need for paying for online job adverts, or using other mediums.

Working Together

A good recruitment consultancy will manage your expectations, working with you and the candidate to deal with any concerns, so that when they become an employee the relationship is positive from the very beginning. A good recruiter should advise clients if they are looking for a skill set that does not match the salary budget they have, advising if expectations are too high.

On Going Support

Recruitment Agencies that can offer additional services such as HR Advice and Training will be able to give you ongoing advice and relevant market expertise, as well as advise you on changes in employment law.