People work in temporary roles for a variety of reasons, read on to discover why it might suit you and take a look at my top tips to discover what makes a good temp!

Temping is a great way to discover an area especially if you have recently moved. It will give you the opportunity to perhaps see a different industry or environment at the same time as learning new skills. It may also enable you to meet new people socially. We have known many temps who have been invited back to a Christmas do long after the end of their assignment!

Creating a Work-Life Balance

Many candidates temp to fit in with their lifestyles or to maintain that all important work life balance. You may find it easier to temp if you need to have the school holidays off or maybe you have family abroad who you want to visit a couple of times a year. It can also be beneficial to temp while you are looking for permanent work, most employers will be flexible around interviews and you can specify your availability

Gain New Skills

Any additional work will enhance your CV, temping could enable you to add new skills but will also show a perspective employer your commitment and flexibility to work. Is there a particular company or industry you would like to work for? Temping may well give you the opportunity to get a foot in the door, even if you are doing a different role. It will also give you the opportunity to identify and increase your contacts. Do a great temp job, make a difference and you may well be remembered when the dream job becomes available!

In addition to the above you will be earning money and be entitled to holiday pay and the same working conditions as a permanent member of staff.

So, in return, what would we like from you?

Here are my top five requirements:


This is key to developing a good working relation between you and us.  Initially keep in touch with your availability and update up regularly with other temp work you are doing or interviews you are attending. When you are in a temp assignment let us know how it is going, if you have any concerns or just contact us to tell us how much you have loved it!

Some of our long-standing temps know a lot about us and us about them so we all always available for a chat and catch up do pop into the office, phone or email us

Reliability and Flexibility

By placing you in a temp assignment, we are putting our trust in you providing an excellent service to our clients so it is vital we are confident you will be reliable. Maybe the role we offer isn’t exactly what you wanted to do but by being flexible and trying new roles it will give us added confidence in your ability and you may discover something new and exciting. Always be punctual when in an assignment, wear appropriate clothing (check with us if you are unsure) Show good productivity adaptability, and motivation –  in other words; give it your all!


This is probably the most important requirement, from the minute you register to taking on assignments it is crucial you are honest about your skills, requirements, availability – the list is endless. Honesty is the key to make sure communication is clear and that expectations are met.

Here at PP we are a friendly bunch so contact us anytime if you have any further questions about temping or would like to know what work is available now!