The first step is to create a job searching strategy. You will get much better results if you are focused and have a plan to work to.

Sit down and write a list of the key things you want to do with your job search and what your end goal is.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Why Do I Want A New Job?

Is it just about salary or your working hours or are other things more important? Is job satisfaction or career development the things that are missing from your current role?

What sort of company do I want to work for?

What is their working environment like, what are their company value and ethos – are they the same as mine? What do their people say about them? What does their Employer Brand convey?

Where Do I Find My Dream Job?

Think about where you need to look for the types of job vacancies you want to apply for. The obvious place is online job boards such as Reed or Indeed, but many companies only advertise their jobs on their own website or use Recruitment Agencies to search for the new staff they are looking for. Social Media is fast becoming the go to place for companies to share news of job opening or plans to grow their teams. Follow companies you want to work for on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Use Your Network

LinkedIn is also a great place to find people you may already be connected to who can be your “eyes and ears” within a company you are keen to work for. Ask them to let you know when job opportunities arise that you could pursue.

Am I The Best Person For The Job?

Think about what skills you need to do the job you want to do. Do you have these skills? If not, take some time to work with a mentor, attend training sessions or night classes to get your skills up to scratch before you start your job search.

Work To A Timeframe

Having a schedule is important. For example, give yourself 2 weeks to craft and polish a new CV that really showcases your skills and experience. Then 2 weeks after that to get that CV uploaded onto a couple of online job boards as well as setting up face to face meetings with Recruitment Agencies that might be able to support you with your job search.

More Info!

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