Mental Health

At least 1 in 6 people at work experience mental health issues, which can include stress and anxiety. The festive season can be a really stressful time for some people, not just at home but at work.

The winter sees shorter days, cold weather and often low immune systems which can  lead to you feeling low, so it can be easy to get stressed thinking about how you are going to cope with everything over the Christmas period.

Planning is key, as is saying no to some things and making sure you make time for yourself.  Don’t take on too much and if you know you might have a late night here and there plan in some days to catch up on your sleep as tiredness can add to your stress.

Being organised and planning in readiness for your return to work after Christmas can also help keep stress levels down.

The Mental Health charity Mind has some really good tips for keeping stress to a minimum but preparing in weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays as well as over the festivities so that you can start the New Year refreshed and energised.

Read more on their wrapping up for Christmas page