If you are running a Small Business then you have the power to determine whether the people working for you are happy and like working for you! If you want people to be productive and stay with the company here are a few tips to keep spirits high!

It’s Not An Endurance Test

Let people go home at a reasonable hour and if it’s viable let them work from home occasionally. If they have put in extra time and all the work is up together, let them have the odd afternoon off. Being flexible means when you need them to do a little bit extra for you they will do it willingly.

Are Your Facilities Up To Scratch?

Make sure areas such as the toilets and kitchen areas are kept clean. Having a fridge, kettle and microwave available will make it easier for people to bring in their own lunches and eat their lunch in the staff area if they don’t want to head into town. Make sure you have a quiet space where your staff can get away from their desks at break time.

Tell People What’s Going On

If there are large scale plans for the business, such as an office move or change of senior personnel, keep people informed. It’s important they know about big changes that could have an impact on them. People worry if they hear things via rumour and ‘Chinese Whispers’ usually mean they don’t hear the right story, leading to insecurity and potentially them moving on to a new role.

Lead By Example

Don’t expect your staff to do anything you are not prepared to do yourself. Here at PP the Directors would be the first to get out the hoover if needed or pop the kettle on to make the morning coffee.

Let Them Know What You Expect Of Them

If people know what is expected of them in their job then they will be more productive and feel happier. They’ll also be more loyal to the company if you talk to them about how their job might need to change and develop.

Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

Be approachable and make sure your employees know that your door is always open if they need to talk privately. Instead of waiting to hear about problems, ask questions to seek out any issues they have, however minor. It makes things much easier to deal with if you can “nip a problem in the bud” before things get out of hand.

Tell People When They Have Done Good Work

Praise and recognition are one of the most important factors in motivating employees. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and a pat on the back will be remembered long after you have forgotten giving it. In a small business monetary benefits aren’t always available but buying the team lunch to celebrate a success or the ice creams when they have got the orders out on the hottest day of the year will make all the difference. A simple thank you can be enough. Ensure that your employees feel that they are a valuable and a worthy member of your team. The best places to work are ones where employees are valued. They are places where people come to work happy and ready to deliver!