Do you see others being given more senior roles whilst you are overlooked even though you have always done what is expected of you at work?

If you want to get ahead you need to stay positive and resilient. If you apply for promotion and don’t get it, keep trying and make sure that when the next position comes up it’s you the boss thinks of first!

If you aren’t getting anywhere with your applications, stay positive. If you are always negative, whether it’s in a meeting or in the lunchroom you’ll get a reputation. Think about what you are doing online as well, you get a real sense of who someone is by their online conversations. Think about the impression your Facebook or Tweet messages give.

Take on projects that no one else wants to do. If you manage the project well and make a difference it’s bound to make senior management happy!

Ask the question. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t ask.

Many people just keep their heads down and do the work expected of them or focus on their strengths and assume if they don’t tick all the boxes it’s not worth applying for a more senior role. No one will be 100% qualified for the role so work out what you’ll need to do for the job you aspire to and take the plunge!

Companies like ambition but applying for positions will get you noticed. If you are completely off the mark they will hopefully feedback to you and help support and guide you to roles that are more suitable but lead you up the career ladder.