Keeping our career growth up to date can be tricky, so how can we make it easier? Everyone knows the importance of reflecting on our paths within the recruitment process, making it a consistent and positive work in progress. Our CVs must reflect that, pushing us towards that all-important next interview. 

This process needs to run as smoothly as possible for recruiters, ensuring candidates and future employers have the best possible experience. But sometimes, it can be a clunky process, which at its worst can deflect the importance of bringing talent on board and showing who they are as human beings with real-life stories. These stories – who people are – must sit at the heart of everything we do, alongside skills and talents. 

How do we give an old process new life in the 21st century?

The way we do things – the processes and recruitment systems – has changed in recent years for obvious reasons due to the pandemic. However, how we carry out recruitment has not fully kept up with remote working. Technology needs to catch up and get ahead of these times within recruitment, so recruiters and employers of talent can embrace it too. 

Remote working is now the norm in many industries and countries (especially the USA), and recruiters have already been looking at the use of video tools. Still, the working environment needs of the pandemic quickly highlighted the urgency of finding better ways to use them for attracting and recruiting talent. 

Bringing people and technology together

Zoom, Skype, Teams and Google Hangout have all seen a massive increase in uptake, and video technology is now central to the job-seeking, employing, and recruiting market. Now the need is to ensure the whole process has optimum efficiency, both for those going through the process as potential employees and for employers attracting the talent – and managing the process from beginning to end.  

In response to this need, we at Personnel Placements have invested in software to make the process work much more smoothly and efficiently.  

Our automated tool, built specifically for recruitment, uses much better automation to cut the time it takes to find and hire by up to 70%. Not only does it provide a much better candidate selection process, but – importantly – it means we can see the person behind the CV, showcasing their talent and skills. Candidates and their suitability to fit an organisation’s culture will shine through much better. 

Of course, we still need to think about the basics.Communication and connection between people remain essential – after all, it’s part of who we are. Eye contact and body language give insight into who we are as individuals and how we tell our story and share our experiences and ambitions. It’s still important to grasp the steps when applying for that dream job – and we know that by bringing all these attributes together, we’re laying the path for success before we even appear online.  

Some essential tips to remind you about how to conduct a great interview are:

  • Always be prepared for the role you’ve applied for, so ensure you do your research and think about the questions you want to ask and the questions you’ll likely be asked. 
  • Always keep your background in check when on video, no clutter, children or animals! 
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet room so you’re entirely focused – and that goes for both parties. 
  • Be smartly dressed – dress smart, and you’ll feel the part. 
  • Speak clearly and try to relax! People are interested in people. Tell your story and tell it in a way that genuinely reflects who you are as a person, let alone as a candidate being interviewed for a job. 

Why is automation the way forward for recruitment?

By having up to date, dedicated automated technology in place we can be assured that as well as the points above, the following quality output is delivered: 

  • A two-way candidate video interview and presentation tool. 
  • A sleek recruitment process by interviewing candidates remotely, with no downloads or log-ins required. 
  • A way of bringing candidates to life, assessing their fit for an organisation’s culture, their technical knowledge and communication skills. 
  • The perfect opportunity for organisations and their hiring managers to share the culture and ethos of their organisation, team and department with candidates. This will give extra insight and ‘feel’ for the job they are applying for, and the people they’ll potentially be working with – in a form of a spoken job description. 
  • A way of building candidate profiles that include recorded two-way interviews, CVs and other candidate details. These can also be shared with other hire managers. 
  • Reassurance that all platform activity is 100% GDPR compliant. 

This is a hugely exciting way to improve our candidate selection, enabling much quicker feedback by reducing the time-consuming hiring process. It is much smoother, more efficient – and people-friendly, too. 

Come and ask for a demo and see how we can help

People are at the heart of everything we do, and those we collaborate with must have the same values as we do. With our expertise in helping you to search for your ideal job, prepare and write your CV, build your personal brand, get interview tips, get full-time and temporary work, look for talent and HR and training and bring people together, we can help. 

By investing in up-to-date systems and processes and by keeping ahead of the curve, so we deliver exceptional results for both talent and employers, we can ensure that we take the old painful ways up to the 21st century. We want to alleviate the old ways of doing things to provide a much better service to our candidates and businesses looking for talent. 

Come and visit us at and talk to us at  to learn more about how we can demonstrate how technology meets humans! We’d be happy to take you through the process and show you how you – as a job seeker or an employer – can go through a much more efficient process with you at the centre.