This year has been tough for many of us both personally and professionally. Even the businesses that have been successful during the pandemic will have found new challenges and hurdles to overcome.

As a recruitment and HR support specialist, Personnel Placements have also faced challenges and seen our clients needing less permanent recruitment support in recent weeks but more help with temporary labour support and with HR issues. The government’s job retention scheme saw employers needing furlough based changes to be made to contracts of employment, help with claiming furlough payments, as well as support with assisting their employees with working from home.

As we move into the next phase of the government’s support scheme for employers and employees many businesses are now looking at what changes they need to make within their workforce to enable their business to survive and ultimately start growing again. For some, that will mean making some of their staff redundant because the service or product they have been providing is no longer the same or cannot be delivered in the short term.

For others, the product or service they provide has changed or needs to change and their current workforce does not have the skill set needed to make that a success. That either means they too need to make redundancies or, it might mean they need to retrain their existing staff or even recruit someone with the skills they need for a short period of time.

So how can Personnel Placements help with all of those situations?

Strategic Review of Your Workforce

We can connect you with an expert within our network who can help you create a strategic plan for your business moving forward.

Job Market Advice

What is happening in the job market? Which areas are facing a skills shortage? Where can I find candidates with the skills I need? What salary will I need to pay to find the skills I need? These are all questions we can help give you the answers to.

HR Support and Advice

We have a team of HR Consultants and Career Coaches who can not only help you with contracts of employment, staff handbooks and all of the policies every business needs to comply with employment law but help you with the redundancy process and with nay outplacement support for you and your teams.

 Temporary and Contract Recruitment

In the short term, temporary or contract staff might be a better way of keeping your business running successfully, as you can plan staffing budgets in much smaller timeframes. If we provide a temporary worker to you, we will have assessed that persons skills to make sure they fit your criteria and we deal with everything in terms of employment based paperwork and running their payroll. 

Permanent Recruitment

If you need to create a new job role within your business our consultancy work covers job profiling and salary advice. If you are recruiting into a familiar role, although there may be more candidates coming on to the market due to the current economical climate, reviewing CVs and applications is a very time consuming process. Our full service deals with every aspect of the recruitment process, from creating job descriptions, creating adverts and managing applications, right through to first round interviews, rejecting candidates, and making job offers. If cost is an issue we also offer bitesize recruitment support on a fixed fee basis. For example – advertising your vacancy and managing candidate selection and response to – which provides you will a shortlist of candidates to interview and takes away that time consuming job of reading 100’s of CV and rejecting unsuitable candidates.

Whatever the situation in your business, please get in touch and be confident that we are here to help.