Congratulations – you’ve got an interview! Here are our “Top Tips” on how to make sure you get a positive outcome.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Once you have a date for your interview don’t delay! You need to start researching the company and thinking about answers to key questions you might be asked as well as thinking about what you need to get from the interview. Use a copy of the job description to prepare examples of the competencies and experience the employer is looking for and back that up with evidence. What else do you need to know from them to make sure this is the job for you? Don’t leave it until the night before to do your prep!

Make a good impression from start to finish

Always dress slightly more formally than how you would dress day to day if you got the job. As soon as you arrive at reception your interview has begun, so remember receptionists notice a lot! Make sure you know the names of the people you have come to meet. Greet everyone in the same way; smile and make eye contact. Whilst you are waiting to be called into the interview make sure you are sitting properly – don’t slouch or scroll through your phone!

Speak from the heart!

Interviewers want to speak to a real person, so be yourself, tell the truth and don’t waffle! If you have secured an interview it’s fair to say that the interviewer is impressed with what he has seen on your CV so this meeting is about assessing the sort of person you are. There’s bound to be questions to verify your skills and experience and to make sure what your CV says is really true! but at this point they want to know who you really are. So don’t prepare for your interview by just using your CV. Think more about you as a person, who you are? What can you do for them?  How will you grow as their business does?

Be Confident

You should have thought hard about your strengths and weaknesses, your skills and experiences and what you want to achieve if you get the job. Think about the type of questions you will be asked based on these things. Every interview question that you will be asked is a variation on a theme. Being confident means being positive and believing in yourself. If you have done your prep you will have practiced the answers to the questions you might be asked.

End on a High

Before you leave the interview make sure you tell the interviewer that you are very interested in the position and do that in a way that fits the situation. You need to get the balance right so pay attention to the interviewers; don’t be too gushing! Make sure you ask about the next steps in the process and when you are likely to hear back from them.

Then you have done all you can and hopefully you will be the candidate they remember!