At Personnel Placements we like to meet as many of the candidates we work with as possible. That’s not always easy depending on where the job seeker lives but on the whole, we meet all of our candidates face to face.

Dress For The Occasion

It often surprises us that candidates come to their registration interview dressed inappropriately, bring their friends and some have been known to take a personal call in the middle of their conversation with their consultant.

It’s important to remember that our first impression of you and the way you conduct yourself at our meeting will tell us a lot about your attitude and approach to work. Of course during the conversation we have with you we may talk about things that an employer wouldn’t necessarily need to know but we need to be sure that when we recommend you for interview you approach that meeting in the right way and how you conduct yourself at our offices will tell us a lot.

Our Reputation Is Important To Us

Recruitment Consultants don’t all work in the same way but at Personnel Placements our consultants realise that our reputation for finding and providing the very best talent, candidates who have the skill set and attitude required to perform in a role well and who will make a difference is key to our success. We find people who want to continue their careers and stay at a company rather than  using the time as a stop gap until a job they think will suit them better comes up. We charge a fee for each candidate we successful place in their dream job and if that person wasn’t the right fit, with the right attitude and work ethic then our reputation would soon suffer if they only stayed a few weeks.

A Relaxed Meeting

That’s why it’s important we get to know you well and that the first impression we get when you arrive at 20 Oatmeal Row is the right one! We don’t expect you to be suited and booted; we want you to feel relaxed, but please no bikini tops, sweaty gym gear or last night’s clubbing outfit (yes, we have had them all) …. and we would appreciate your phone being turned to silent please.