Getting recruitment right is as important for small businesses as it is for the big guys so choosing the right recruitment agency to partner with is essential. Recruiting the right person, with the right skills and ambition, who fits into your team, will help your business grow.

We understand that you might have the wrong idea about recruitment agencies as there are certainly many out there who are just interested in making a sale to add to their bottom line. A good recruiter does so much more than that. Let’s talk about what to look for if you decide you haven’t the time to focus on a recruitment campaign or don’t have the expertise to search for and recruit the next member of your team; whattypeof agency will give you value for money?

What Makes A Good Recruitment Agency?

A really good recruitment agency has the time and resources to extend your search much wider and speak to candidates that might not even be actively searching for their next career move. They have huge networks of people they support in many different ways. Not just providing job searching advice but helping people find their true potential and opportunities to work with like minded businesses where they can make a difference and contribute to its success. People in their network refer them, meaning they can reach out to the very best talent that’s out there.

First of all they should listen to you and give you honest advice. If for example they think you are pitching salary at the wrong level they should tell you where you need to be to make sure you find the person you are looking for.

Knowing Your Business

Unless they know your business how can they effectively recruit for you? A good recruitment consultant should want to know everything about you and your business and the industry you work in. They should want to understand the role in full and the part it plays within your company.

Your recruitment consultant should also explain exactly how they are going to work in partnership with you to find the right individual, with the right skills and make sure you have confidence that they know the market they’ll be searching in. They should do all of this before they get to the money part and start discussing fee!

CVs – Less is More

If your recruiter has got to know you and the perfect candidate for the role, they should only need to provide you with just a few CVs. Their job is to search through and review the vast number of CVs they find; speak to any potential candidates to ensure they have the right skills and experience for the job, as well as being a team fit, and then present you with 3-4 candidates to interview; all of whom could do the job.

Staying In Touch

Once your recruiter has found you the perfect candidate their involvement shouldn’t stop there. Of course they may want to help with future recruitment but ensuring the newest member of the team is fitting in and doing well is an important part of their service. If there are any problems they can help resolve the issue and work with you to make sure the person settles in well and starts performing in their new role as soon as possible.

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