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Helping with your Job Search

We are always available to offer advice and support as well as written information that may assist you with your job search. We have some useful documents available to download and are always happy for you to give us a call or come into the office if you need more help. 

Writing a CV

Your CV is the often the first contact an employer will have with you when you apply for a job. So it’s essential to get your CV right in order to secure a job you will love. Download our Tips on CV Writing.

If you are leaving education and have little work experience it might be more difficult to write your CV. Have a look at our Student CV Writing information sheet for some useful tips. 

Interview Techniques

Well done - you have secured an interview. Now you need to prepare yourself as much as possible to ensure a positive outcome from the meeting. For more help download our Interview Techniques sheet.

You are fully prepared, know all you need to about the company so just the interview to go! You can download more information on how to get through your interview here

Writing Your CV

Interview Techniques

Interview Techniques

“Actually I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for firstly; for placing me here as a temp 2 years ago and secondly; all the help you and PP have given me in staffing the place, the business now has some very good personnel so well done for that. Funnily enough this wasn't the 1st permanent position you’ve found for me, a few years back (probably about 9 years ago now I think of it!) So our paths have crossed a number of times in previous years and they probably will do in the future ”

Trevor  -  Candidate and Client