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Tips For Employers

A Job Analysis is a structured way of looking at the key tasks that make up a particular job role, how it contributions to your business and how results of the job holder are assessed and measured.

You can use a job analysis as a basis for creating other documents and reviewing what’s happening within your business. Listen to more tips on the importance of job analysis.

 Job Analysis

 A compelling and effective job advert is vital to attract the right candidate for your business. It’s really important to put yourself into the reader’s shoes and think about the information they need to make an informed decision whether or not to apply.

Your advert needs to accurately describe the role, the company and the responsibilities of the position – without that you just won’t get the right people applying! Listen to our tips on creating an effective job advert. 

Writing an Effective Job Advert

If you have created a great job advert, you should have a selection of candidates to interview, based on the information they have given you in their application and CV. An interview should be an exchange of information to not only help you explore the candidate’s skills and experience in more depth but also help ensure the candidate knows exactly what the role involves. You can listen to more information about interviews.

 Interviewing Guide

You can find more information about the recruitment process here or call us on 01722 334433. 

Interview Techniques

Interview Techniques

“Thanks so much for your help in securing the job here at BID, you made the whole process very easy. I’m really pleased, this is a new start for me! I will definitely recommend PP to others. ”

Sarah Murphy  -  Candidate recruited for Salisbury BID