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Starting Your Job Search

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When you decide to look for a new job it can be hard to know where to start or have time to make your job searching productive and fruitful! There are many online job boards you can register with, search for vacancies on and get advice, but there are a few basic things to do before you start that process. 

Review Your CV

Many people have a CV somewhere on their PC and its mistake to just to dig it out and add your current role to it. You need to review the document as a whole. Is the information you have included relevant? As you work experience increases so does your skills base and making sure you tell a potential employer the relevant stuff is really important. The role you did 15 years ago when you left education might have been worth describing in detail when you joined you current employer 5 years ago but it probably won't be as important now. 

Also consider things like layout and font. Your CV needs to be easy to read and tell the potential employer enough in the first quarter to give them the information they need to want to read on. 

Remember that your CV needs to be tailored to each role you apply for - one size doesn’t fit all. 

Finding The Right Job

Before you start searching for jobs to apply for make sure you know exactly what sort of job you are looking for - what is the right job for you? What is your current role missing? Start with a ‘Top Ten’ criteria of what you want in your new job. 

Registering With Online Job Boards

As we’ve said, there are many online job boards you can register with. You have the opportunity to upload your CV so that potential employers can find you even if you aren’t applying for specific vacancies. That means your profile needs to be up to date, with your salary expectations and preferences in terms of the types of positions you will consider. Your contact details also need to be correct. Taking the time to get this right will mean you won't be bombarded with alerts and emails about jobs that aren’t suitable. 

Your Contact Information - Keep It Professional 

We advise setting up a new email address specifically used for your job searching and applications. This means you can keep track of everything you have applied for and keeps all job searching information in one place - so its easy to check on progress and follow up on applications. Keep the email address professional, no type of things! Nothing worse than presenting a professional looking CV but sending it from an inappropriate email address. 

Applying For Jobs

Before you make your application make sure you have done your research. Have a good look at a the company’s website and get social with them by following them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This will give you a good idea of the culture and whats it’s actually like to work there. If you decide the job is the right one for you be sure to follow the required application process. This may mean sending a cover letter, completing an online application form or just emailing your CV. It’s always good and shows initiative to follow up on your application if you don’t receive an acknowledgement. Technology doesn’t always work and things can be missed!

Stay Positive

If things don’t move as quickly as you had hoped or you don’t get called for interview it can be disheartening. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback as to why your application wasn’t successful. Feedback really helps to see what you need to change or review on your CV or perhaps do differently next time. Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing - so hang on in there, your ‘dream job’ is out there and could be just around the corner. 



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