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Networking and Recommendations

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I belong to many networking groups and as a result have made many business contacts. A few have also become friends.

As recruiter I am often recommended to people who are looking for work as well as to businesses struggling with their recruitment and HR. My contacts know that if I can I will offer help and advice on the best approach.

Getting To Know Your Contacts

When you get to know people they often tell you more about their business and the challenges they are facing. For some it’s just finance related but for others it’s the little things that they either don’t have time to do or are not sure how to do and that’s when your network comes in very handy!

People are generous and if you ask for help they will provide it. Many will give you their advice and guidance absolutely free as they have been where you have been and know that it can be hard sometimes, especially when running a small business or being a sole trader but also within large organisations.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to talk about what you are struggling with.

Something as simple as sharing a post on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook can bring in tips and advice from knowledgeable people.

Giving Advice To Others

One day it might be someone else asking for help and you may be the one with the advice, so getting to know and supporting your network is crucial. That’s how the best recommendations get made – by people who know and trust you and are sure of the service you and your business provide. 


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