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How Much Does A Temp Get Paid?

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As a temporary worker pay rates will change depending on the role you are assigned to do but you are still entitled to the National Minimum Wage; although Personnel Placements pay Living Wage as a minimum to all of our temporary workers no matter how old they are.

The National Living wage is currently £7.50 so that is the minimum rate you will earn per hour if you become a temporary worker with the Agency. You also accrue holiday pay as you work in your assignment.

Our temporary workers are paid weekly in arrears. It is important that your timesheet arrives with us no later than 10am on a Monday – as without it, we cannot process the hours in time for payment the following Friday.

From the day you start work you also have worker’s employment rights which means you have the same rights as permanent workers to use shared facilities at your place of employment. Things like the staff canteen cark parking or a workplace crèche.

After 12 weeks, if you are still working in the same assignment, you will also qualify for the same rights as someone who is employed directly, that includes the same pay rate as someone doing the same job as you on a permanent basis, automatic pension enrolment and the same paid annual leave. This is known as ‘equal treatment’ but you do need to take account of events such as sick days, holiday taken, company shut downs etc. to work out when entitlement begins.

For more information click onto the HMRC website


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