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A Best Day at Work

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Read about one of Lynne's "Best Days at Work" 

Best Day At Work

8am – arrived at the office early – as I usually do after walking the half an hour from the spot I park my car in the morning and did the most important job of the day! Coffee on and breakfast. I always bring my breakfast with me as I’d rather leave early, miss the traffic and see the City first thing, just as things are waking up!

Breakfast eaten its email checking time – answering the urgent stuff and then filing everything else in priority folders – using a tip Julia’s Doherty from Green Umbrella shared – she shares some great stuff by the way!

I’ve found that stopped the constant checking emails and dealing with them at set periods of the day instead of as they come in has really helped me to manage my time more efficiently!

The troops arrive – and we catch up on the evenings activities – Bake Off – no soggy bottoms hurrah and should Tom have been the one to go!

It’s dress down today so we’ve come “smart casual” and the £2 we each put into our charity pot which from now until Christmas is Morning Star, a local charity that does such great work supporting homeless and vulnerable people.

We’ve had such a good week that we decide Costa Coffee is in order and Loren pops across the Market Square to get 4 large lattes! well, it is Friday and as I say we have had such a good week.

We measure a good week but how “satisfied we feel with the work we’ve done”. That might not be about how many invoices have gone out and how much we’ve added to the bottom line but more about how much we’ve enjoyed our jobs this week.

Working in recruitment means you meet so many different people, with different lives, different ambitions, needs and worries and so every day is different. Of course one of the greatest satisfactions is meeting a candidate, knowing exactly the perfect company to match them with and then speaking to the client a few weeks later and them telling you “they don’t know how they managed without them” and we’ve had a couple of those this week. Our clients know us and we know them – that’s how we do what we do but some roles are harder to fill and it’s a much harder task to find the right person for the job. It can be a long process but that’s where the challenge comes from.

We have several candidates booked in to the consultants today and we also have extra cake on offer. People who know us know that we love cake and today we are support the Salisbury Bake Off by offering cake to visitors for a small donation.

4pm – and we are closing the office and heading to the train station – we are having a works outing and off to see Mamma Mia – the boss is treating us and we are having dinner together too!

There are 6 of us this evening and we have a fabulous dinner at the theatre – dessert was amazing!

Not all days end with a trip to the theatre but we usually end the day on a high – so to be honest we have several “Best Days at Work”

Today is one of those days where we have packed a lot in – worked hard as we always do but put that little bit extra in to our day to support others. 


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